CMMG Resolute MK3 308 Win AR-308 Rifle




The Resolute MK3 from CMMG is a High energy AR Pattern rifle designed for the modern shooter. Based on the Popular and Proven DPMS G1 High Profile LR-308 rifle the takes all of those beloved features and turns it up to 11. Starting with one f the features that makes up the heart of the rifle is the 16.1″ 416R stainless steel barrel that gives excellent harmonics and great grouping performance. The receivers are made from a 7075-T6 Aluminum the rifle is built to last with its light weight and rugged qualities. The main things that help this rifle stand out from the crowd is the inclusion of the upgraded Zeroed accessories from CMMG. The zeroed line includes a simple and rugged ambidextrous charging handle. On the end of the barrel you get the zeroed muzzle brake that helps reduce muzzle climb and reduce the felt recoil. In all the ambidextrous nature with the improved handling characteristics make this AR-Pattern rifle a blast to shoot.


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