CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun




CYMA Standard Full Metal M870

For years CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 has been a leader in producing affordable, dependable and powerful airsoft aegs, with the advent of their line of 870 shotgun, cyma is branching out. The 870 shotgun is one of the satisfactory promoting and maximum recognizable shotguns ever produced it has served faithfully in army, regulation enforcement and civilian arms for over 5 a long time. Way to its strong design, ease of use and standard reliability, there are over ten million 870 shotguns out within the world. Cyma set out to seize this iconic shotgun inside the form of an equally dependable and easy to use airsoft version. There may be no reinventing the wheel here; the cyma m870 series makes use of the dependable and efficient tri-shot spring powered pump motion design coupled with bolstered internals and advanced external beauty aesthetics that cyma is thought for.

This isn’t always a listing for an person airsoft component. No elements are designed for real guns. Batteries, scopes, and other add-ons not protected except said. Please take a look at the bulletpoints and outline below carefully. Federally mandated blaze orange muzzle tip is preinstalled. A few meeting can be required, specifically on custom builds and some large sized airsoft weapons ◙ tri-shot machine; fires 3 bbs with one pull of the cause fully steel receiver, barrel meeting, and pinnacle folding inventory removable 30rd shot shell bundle consists of: gun, magazine, 1x shell.

  • Full metal receiver and barrel assembly provides additional ruggedness and durability to an already exceptional platform
  • Pump action design chambers three rounds at once with each rack of the pump
  • Tri-shot design fires three BBs with each pull of the trigger
  • Polymer pistol grip
  • Front and rear sling swivels
  • Utilizes Tokyo Marui 30 round shotshells
  • Authentic 870 styling


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