FABARM STF12 Pump Action CO2 Powered 3 / 6 Shot Airsoft Shotgun




FABARM STF12 Pump Action

One of the maximum efficient shotguns in its elegance, the fabarm stf12 co2 powered shotgun capabilities the tokyo marui multiple shot machine blended with the benefit of clean to change 12 gram co2 cartridges. The stf12 is capable of fire three or 6 shot bursts consistent with cycle of the movement while not having to deal with choosing up ejected shells. The replaceable co2 cartridge gadget solves the difficulty of having to fill fuel at once right into a reservoir; for gamers that desire hpa setups, an alternative for an hpa adapter is available. Being fuel powered in preference to a spring pushed piston, the motion cycle is easy and effortless, nicely mimicking the texture of cycling a real shotgun.

Fabarm stf12 pump action Guide airsoft “pump-motion” shotgun from b. O. Manufacture model fabarm stf/12-eleven. It fires up to a few 6 mm bb bullets right now. The shots are charged into unique discounts inside the shape of a shotgun. One discount has a capability of 30 shots and the package deal includes reductions. The shotgun is equipped with a plastic frame, steel barrel, adjustable and detachable sights, a long mountingrail with a width of twenty-two mm, on which you can deploy e. G. Collimator and manual lock in opposition to undesirable shot. The power of the projectile is a maximum of zero. Eighty j. The muzzle speed is around eighty m/s (300 fps) depending on the weight of the shot. The general duration is 810 mm and the burden is 1,800 g.


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