Federal 308 Win Ammo


Made by Federal 300 Rounds $0.99 Cost Per Round 180 GrainSP Bullet American-made Discount Hunting New Condition Brass Casing Boxer 2570 FPS Muzzle Velocity 2640 ft lbs Muzzle Energy



Federal 308 Win Ammo

This 308 Win cartridge by Federal is intended for hunters who wish to take everything from varmints to large game without straining their bank accounts. It features a 180 grain jacketed soft point bullet. The jacket will preserve your accuracy during protracted firing sessions as well as promoting penetration into your target, while the soft point will promote devastating expansion within your target once inside.

Federal’s Power-Shok line of ammunition features brass casings (ideal for handloading) in addition to reliable primers and powder. With its muzzle velocity of 2,570 fps, this cartridge delivers the power you need to be effective at distances of hundreds of yards.

Based in Anoka, Minnesota, Federal has emphasized the utilization of innovation and technology since they opened their doors in 1922. They have developed thousands of specialized loads to suit the needs of all kinds of shooters, and consider their customer’s experience first in everything that they do.


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