Henry H024410: HENRY SIDE GATE LEVER .410 offers up the best of both worlds with a standard removable tube magazine for safe and easy unloading and a side loading gate to keep the magazine topped off. The hardened brass receiver is as reliable as it is handsome with the same yield and tensile strength as steel. The brass accents continue through the rifle with the buttplate and barrel band. Its American walnut furniture set off by intricate, deep checkering that will ensure a firm purchase on the stocks. A semi-buckhorn rear and ivory bead front sight accompanies a 20″ round blued steel barrel to deliver the accuracy.

HENRY SIDE GATE LEVER .410 The whole lot began in 1885. The story is going that winchester recommended the esteemed gun inventor, john moses browning, to supply a repeater shotgun with a lever action. Shotgun records lore tells us that browning didn’t want to do the lever movement course; he desired to design a pump gun. Winchester, we’re advised, held fast to the lever motion layout as that became what his agency was well-known for in their classic lever rifles. John browning obeyed and the winchester 1887 lever action shotgun become born. Prior to the winchester 1887, double barrel shotguns were the best choice, so browning’s brainchild changed into the cat’s meow for a while. This new lever motion had five+1 loading capability however become not the very best to load. Having no facet gate, the shooter needed to open the rolling block motion and load via the receiver. The shotgun had a apparently small hammer that made it every so often difficult to understand and cock the gun. The 1887, followed by using the 1901 version, held on for some time but changed into replaced while browning were given his manner and winchester delivered the model 1897 pump gun.


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