KSG Gas Power Multi-Shot Airsoft Shotgun




  KSG Gas Power Multi-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

The ksg is a bullpup 12-gauge pump motion shotgun designed through kel-tec. It has two tube magazines which the person of the gun can transfer among manually. Each tube holds a complete of 7 2. 75-inch (70 mm) 12-gauge shotshells or six 3-inch (seventy six mm) shotshells. Fire Arms Official has the Lowest Prices on Airsoft Guns with Price Match. We provide ksg-gas-power-multi-shot-airsoft-shotgun. One important advantage that a fuel shotgun has over a spring shotgun is the benefit in which it takes to cock the gun. Without a spring wanting to be compressed, the handguard moves almost effortlessly for speedy followup pictures. Further, the realism in each operation and sound is unheard of in fuel shotguns.

Which include terminator genisys and john wick. Powered by way of inexperienced fuel, this all metal shotgun is able to firing between three and six bb’s at one time by means of manipulating a switch near the ejection port. Similar to the previous 870 models, this airsoft gun functions 3 inner barrels with man or woman constant hop up gadgets, supplying you with superb cqb range in addition to a first rate amount of bb spread. Blanketed is a gasoline cartridge, that’s loaded within the inventory of the gun. This gas cartridge, in temperate climate, permits you to hearth approximately three shells really worth of bbs. The shotgun is like minded with any tm 30 spherical fashion shell, and the 30 round shells used for utg spring shotguns, that’s predominately utilized in m3 fashion triburst shotguns. The pinnacle rail segment will permit for the installation of a reflex sight.

  • Selectable 3rd / 6th firing system
  • Uses standard TM spring shotgun shells. Feeds only from the right magazine tube. Can carry two spare shells in the left chamber
  • Polymer body and receiver, metal outer barrel
  • Heavy-duty polymer stock and handguard
  • The removable gas reservoir is hidden inside the buttstock
  • Full length integrated rail for scopes and accessories
  • Flip-up front and rear iron sights
  • Smooth racking action


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