Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56, Tremor 3 Reticle, 35mm Tube, Matte Black




When it comes to optics, there are few companies that can compete with Leupold. Since 1907, Leupold has become one of the most renown and trusted brands on the market. Their optics are used by everybody from recreational shooters to top tier military operatives. They are widely considered as the industry standard, the Mark 5HD 7-35×56 MIL scope is another excellent example. This optic is one of the most advanced optics out there, it is jam packed with features that will aid you in being the best shot you can be. The Mark 5 scopes high magnification power gives you an unmatched ability to stretch the limits of your rifle and the throw lever will allow you to quickly adjust what setting you are on. What sets this optic apart from the rest is the inclusion of the twilight max HD light system. This system is designed to allow the scope to take in as much usable light as possible which in turn will give you 30 extra minutes of shooting capability. If you want to take your precision shooting to the next level, the Leupold Mark 5HD is exactly what you need.


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