Luth-AR AR-15 MBA-5 Stock And Chubby Pistol Grip Kit Black




Great by themselves, awesome together; get both the Luth-AR MBA-5 Carbine buttstock and the Chubby Grip in one kit. The MBA-5 Buttstock is the latest in the MBA Series. Designed as an affordable, lightweight, adjustable carbine buttstock with a paddle-style adjustment lever allowing rapid positioning. The wide flared cheek rest provides a comfortable cheek weld and the integrated Picatinny rail allows for attaching a mono-pod or other accessories and the Anti-rattle set screw allows for adjustment when used with a Mil-spec buffer tube.

The Chubby Grip is designed with shooter ergonomics in mind. The full palm swell fills the hand, providing a consistent and rapid grip, properly positioned to promote accurate and repeatable shots on target. The thumb rest and palm shelf work together to lock the hand in place shot after shot, while the raised trigger finger surface, forces the finger into the proper curved position for better trigger control and comfort.


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