Rock Island VR60


Item #:     601-BC

UPC:     868042198001

Description:     ARM VR60 SA 12M/20MC B SYN

Brand:     Armscor|Rock Island Armory

Model:     VR60

Type:     Shotgun: Semi-Auto

Caliber:     12 Gauge

Finish:     Black Chrome

Action:     Semi-Automatic

Stock:     Black Polymer with Pistol Grip

Sight:     FT: Post Rr: Adjustable

Barrel Length:     20

Overall Length:     39

Weight:     7.38 lbs

Capacity:     2.75 6+1, 3 5+1

# of Mags:     1

Safety:     Manual

Receiver:     Black Aluminum with Picatinny Rail

Chamber:     3

Chokes:     Three Choke Tubes (Mod, IC, Full)

Butt Plate:     Black Rubber Recoil Pad

Features:     Removeable Carry Handle, Picatinny Rail;

Accessory Rail



Rock Island Shotgun :

Rock Island VR60. A shotgun(Buy Rock Island VR60 12GA Rifle-buy 12 gauge shotgun) (also known as a scattergun, or historically as a fowling piece) is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder . Which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot. Or a solid projectile called a slug. Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes. Ranging from 5.5 mm (.22 inch) bore up to 5 cm (2.0 in) bore. And in a range of firearm operating mechanisms, including breech loading, single-barreled, double or combination gun, pump-action, bolt-, and lever-action, semi-automatic, and even fully automatic variants.

A shotgun is generally a smoothbore firearm. Which means that the inside of the barrel is not rifled. Preceding smoothbore firearms, such as the musket, were widely used by armies in the 18th century. The direct ancestor to the shotgun, the blunderbuss, was also used in a similar variety of roles from self-defense to riot control. It was often used by cavalry troops because of its generally shorter length and ease of use. As well as by coachmen for its substantial power.

In the 19th century, however, these weapons were largely replaced on the battlefield with breechloading rifled firearms. Which were more accurate over longer ranges. The military value of shotguns was rediscovered in the First World War. when American forces used 12-gauge pump action shotguns in close-quarters trench fighting to great effect. Since then, it has been used in a variety of roles in civilian, law enforcement, and military applications.

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Rock Island Armory VR60 :

A definitive plan and features of an AR self-loader shotgun utilizing a customary gas-worked activity which is situated around the help tube that runs beneath the barrel. The return spring is likewise situated around a similar help tube which is covered by an expanded polymer handguard. The barrel can be effortlessly eliminated from the upper recipient. The upper beneficiary is fabricated from an aluminum composite. The magazine discharge button imitates the M16 rifle area. 

Manual security additionally copies the M16 style being situated on the left half of collector over the single handed grip. The highest point of the recipient has a conveying handle and vital picatinny rail for mounting back sights, or any optical embellishments. The Rock Island Armory VR60 12-check shotgun is fitting for all degrees of hunting and donning fans. It comes bundled in a decent business box with the Mobile style stifles (Full, Mod, IC) and magazine. The removable A-2 style convey handle and front sight takes into consideration speedy change to a level top. In the event that you are searching for a shotgun with the kind of an AR stage then look at the VR60.

Problems :

Rock Island VR60 problems, One thought I have is that with how light the element changed into, It wasn’t barrel heavy, which has me thinking the barrel its self might not be very sizeable. I know a shotgun shouldn’t need to contain the same pressure as a standard barrel, but if I go again to take a second appearance, what ought to I be seeking out to make certain the barrel will get up to use? we are also provide handguns


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