Sterling 12 Gauge Ammo – 500 Rounds of 9 Pellets 00 Buckshot Ammunition


Made by Sterling 500 Rounds $0.63 Cost Per Round Buck Bullet Discount Buck Shot New Condition 2-3/4″ Shell Length 1296 FPS Muzzle Velocity



Sterling 12 Gauge

Sterling 12 Gauge has been exporting for quite some time to a total of 60 countries, including the USA, Russia, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Thailand, Kuwait and Uruguay. Since 2009 Turac has become an industry leader on the international market, and is preferred by the military and police organizations of 20 countries. Turac, and their Sterling brand are not the imported ammo from decades gone by. These guys have it really dialed in, and produce a world-class product that will give you consistency and accuracy…shot after shot.

Like the weather phenomenon it’s named after, Sterling’s Tornado 12 Gauge shell is super powerful! This slug load is a fine pick for hunting deer and boar, though it’s also a pleasure for range training – especially if you have a freshly shaken bottle of soda or two kicking around.

This shell is loaded with a one ounce rifled slug, the ideal for smoothbore barrels that are outfitted with any number of choke tubes. The Tornado slug’s base is hollowed out to keep its center of mass at its tip for greater rotational stability. This shell’s pliant plastic wad helps to keep its slug well-centered as it passes through the barrel. The hinge in its middle collapses under pressure to noticeably reduce felt recoil.

Sterling is based in the capitol city of Turkey, and is one of the Middle East’s largest ammo manufacturers. Their 440 acre production facility turns raw materials into consistent hulls, heads, primers and propellant, and their ammo exports throughout the global market. 10 rounds to a box, 20 boxes to a case!

Sterling 12 Cal. Buckshot shotgun shell that is filled by specially produced gunpowder for buckshot is very effective in big games in short distances with its perfect dispersing. It is possible to see the completely round shining buckshots through its high quality crystal upper wad. Besides, with its long metal case head it is resistant to high pressure under any condition.



• High accuracy

• High pressure

• High performance

• Ninefold buckshots

• Excellent spread due to cyrstal upper wad

Product Code 201.12.SH
Gross Weight of Box 9,70 kg
Packing 20×10
Dimensions of Box 35x23x10,5 cm
Case size (cal/mm) 12.16.70
Pellet Number Ninefold Buckshot
Velocity (m/s) 395
Pressure (bar) 600


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