Timney Triggers AR-15 Drop-In Single-Stage Trigger 3 lbs




Timney’s trigger upgrade produces a smooth, consistent and predictable single stage trigger break. By eliminating the slack and inconsistent break that many standard triggers provide, the action feels more similar to a traditional bolt-action than a combat rifle. This adjustment can greatly help shrink group sizes. The default weight is set to three pounds at the factory, but the trigger can also be adjusted to four or four and a half pounds.

Drop-in triggers require no gunsmithing, fitting or adjustment–they simply install using the rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins. Timney’s proprietary design also eliminates pin rotation and walkout, which can weaken receiver walls.

Based in a state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, Arizona, Timney Triggers are crafted through a combination of expert workmanship that includes precision machining, hand assembly, calibration, and testing. Their commitment to building “The World’s Finest Triggers” has led their products to be integrated exclusively by some of the world’s best custom gun manufacturers. Today, Timney produces more than 170 trigger models for bolt-action, AR, and semi-automatic rifles, as well as for shotguns and archery.



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