Winchester Israeli Military Industries 9mm Ammo – 500 Rounds of 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition


Made by Israeli Military Industries 500 Rounds $0.44 Cost Per Round 115 Grain FMJ Bullet Foreign Discount Range New Condition Brass Casing Boxer 1280 FPS Muzzle Velocity421 ft lbs Muzzle Energy



Winchester IMI 9mm

Winchester IMI 9mm ammo for sale online at cheap discount price with free shipping on bulk 9x21mm NATO ammunition available for sale only at our online store Ammo Firearms Official has IMI ammo for sale with free shipping available on bulk ammo including this Winchester 9×21 IMI Ammo 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket.

offers the following information;
This is 9x21mm Winchester 124gr. Full Metal Jacket Ammo. Also know as Israel Military Industries or 9mm IMI. This ammo is brass cased, boxer primed, and non corrosive. This ammo comes packed in 50rd. boxes.

MPN Q4269
UPC 020892206182
Caliber 9X21 MM AMMO
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity 351 fps
Muzzle Energy 494 ft. lbs
Primer Boxer
Casing Brass Casing
Ammo Rating Range Training 9x21mm Ammo

Winchester has produced a small batch of this 9x21mm IMI known as 9×21 Israel Military Industries cartridge. This ammo is only designed for guns chambered in 9×21 IMI. This 124 grain full metal jacket cartridge features a boxer primed brass case. Non-corrosive powder and primers are used to ensure exceptionally clean ignition and detonation. This ammunition is ideal for target shooting training and plinking.

Want to use the same government issue range ammo as the IDF? (The Israeli Defense Forces, not the International Diabetes Federation.) Then you’re going to love this case of 9mm cartridges imported all the way from אֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל! It’s especially fitting if you’re fortunate enough to own an authentic Uzi.

This cartridge features a 115 grain projectile, which is light enough to ensure a supersonic muzzle velocity when you pull the trigger. It’s jacketed in copper, so even a rapidly fired semi-automatic isn’t apt to jam with this ammo in its magazine. IMI Systems’ evenly layered jacket promotes stellar accuracy, and prevents lead fouling as it ought to. Clean burning military-grade propellant and a non-corrosive primer make this round even more reliable while you’re plastering targets at the range.

IMI Systems has been around since 1933, and the rather pressing importance of their home country’s ability to defend itself has necessitated that they produce only quality products throughout their multi-decade run. You can count on this case to deliver the goods!


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