Winchester USA Ready Defense 9mm +P Ammo – 200 Rounds of 124 Grain JHP Ammunition


Made by Winchester 200 Rounds $1.05 Cost Per Round 124 Grain JHP Bullet American-made Self-Defense New ConditionNickel-Plated Brass Casing Boxer 1200 FPS Muzzle Velocity 396 ft lbs Muzzle Energy



Ready Defense 9mm +P

Ready Defense 9mm +P, Winchester slaps their USA Ready Defense label on match grade personal protection ammunition. Chamber this 9mm +P cartridge when you want unwavering functionality, pinpoint accuracy, and ultra-reliable terminal performance!

This cartridge’s 124 grain jacketed hollow point projectile has deep notches stamped into its rim. These strategically weaken the jacket so it can peel away in a uniform diameter. The bullet’s nose cavity is shielded by Winchester’s Hex-Vent, a rigid polymer insert that prevents fabric and other debris from clogging the JHP. Fire this ammo through barriers – its bullet won’t lose its ability to expand inside soft tissue.

We love self-defense ammo with nickel-plated brass cases. These reduce friction as they cycle very smoothly, keep corrosion at bay, and are even easier to see if you have to perform a chamber check in a poorly lit environment. Ignition comes courtesy of this ammo’s match grade primers. Winchester scrutinizes their USA Ready Defense ammo so intensely that they even release each lot’s ballistic data on!

This is +P ammunition. Overpressure ammo boasts a higher muzzle velocity, which basically means it hits its target harder. Modern handguns including all Glocks are typically designed to handle 9mm +P’s added chamber pressure, but please make sure your firearm is compatible with this ammo before ordering.


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Stopping Power for When You Need it Winchester’s USA Ready Defense

Winchester’s USA Ready Defense Line is a continuation of the USA Ready sub-brand. Each lot is controlled and has ballistic information available online. USA Ready Defense targets growth with CCW enthusiasts and new home defense gun owners. The new Hex-Vent bullet prevents hollow point cavity from clogging with barrier material while directing fluid flow into the hollow point to initiate expansion. Tested for 12+” penetration and retains 95% of its weight.

Winchester USA Ready Defense Ammunition Specifications and Features:

  • Manufacturers Number RED9H
  • 9mm Luger +P
  • 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Bullet
  • Hex Vent Rigid Insert
  • Nickel Plated Brass Cased
  • Reloadable
  • 1200 fps muzzle velocity
  • 396 ft/lbs muzzle energy
  • Uses Personal Protection
  • 20 round box




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